Baucau City

Baucau City -

Baucau is ancient town and the second largest city in East Timor, dominated by the ruins of the impressive Herritage built of the Portuguese. 

This town dominated building Portugal Herritage, with pyramid-shaped piles of potatoes, neat bunches of greens and mounds of maize forming a colourful patchwork on the pavement. Just below town, turn off the main road and follow the lush ravine 5km down to the beach at Osolata. Called Pantai Wataboo and other beach Bondura, it’s a series of white sand coves fringed by palms and hemmed by turquoise water. 

There are plenty of activities to do in Baucau, and the good thing is, that everything is very cheap and hand-made! Everything here is extremely natural, from the people, who are so friendly to the small staffs. For instance, you can explore some older buildings portugues as the Hotel, Schools, Conservation Build and the Health Park. 

which are structures from the colonial Portuguese days and somehow survived the Independence clashes and riots. 

The Hotel, Schools, Conservation Build and the Health Park may have been quite grand and beautiful in their day, they now just provide a flashback to when the area was move vibrant. The Health Park may have been a beautiful garden, but is now slowly becoming overgrown and being absorbed back into the landscape. 

However, nearby those old structures you can bump into some galleries like Arte Mores in Baucau which is an inspirational project that works with young men to develop their art skills. There are art classes three nights per week. The instruction is good and offered to school students both girls and boys to engage and motivate them. Speak to Marqui about the classes. There are also works for sale and you would be supporting a very good cause while collecting something unique. 

Baucau is a wonderful place to stay as long as you love to. Even though, you can find a job connected to some donations or helping the locals. The food, the drinks and the coffee are so so good. You can visit a cafe, located in the heart of the old town, accessible by foot from just about anywhere, so it location is key. 

Also, it has a nice back deck that provides you with a nice view of the mountain slope and gives you a refreshing breeze to cool off by. They have boiled fish, grilled fish and lots of other local rice and noodle dishes. The festive season is the best season to shop when heavy discounts and rebates are offered. 

The beaches in Baucau are popular tourist attractions. The city is home to idyllic beaches and lovely reefs. The beaches are surrounded by rambling pine and coconut trees. 

Some of the beaches also have rocky cliffs which are wonderful to look from a distance. Travelers can also enjoy various types of recreational activities in the beaches. There are provisions for various water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving and so on. The beaches also have local dining spots where tourists can have a taste of delicious local and Asian cuisine. Freshly prepared seafood is also served. 

There are beautiful beaches, rugged landscape and sprawling vegetation. These are popular Baucau tourist attractions. 

Plenty of sightseeing tours are offered by the local tourist board as well as various travel agencies. 

There are half day tours as well as single day tours. Most tours are made in cars or buses while walking tours are also available.